Welcome to Laputa - Castle in the Sky Fanlisting!

This website is one of the listed fanlistings in TAFL . The idea of a fanlisting was to try to find out how many fans a certain topic (person/character/thing) really had. The idea, being at that time only one fanlisting, then grew into a greater network of several fanlistings, today being one of the greatest fan networks that exist.

Laputa - Castle in the Sky is a great Japanese animation by Hayao Miyazaki. Many people love it very much and so do I. It really touches my heart no matter how long it has been shown already. Each time when I watch it, I still cry for the last scene of Pazu and Sheeta holding hands together to cast the destruction spell.

I would like to do something on this animation to express my love to Laputa. Therefore, I have an idea to build this fanlisting. Now, this site not only is a fanlisting, but also is an online resource center for all Laputa fans.

This fanlisting is only for the Laputa itself, no matter you love the animation, the comics, or any characters of it, you are welcome to join. And this fanlisting is not for commercial use, only for private interest and everything is free.

Hope you would enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, just feel free to email me at ranmajen{at}gmail{dot}com.

.......since 05 November 2002