Sheeta (full name Lusheeta Toelle Ul Laputa) was the one of the Laputians, an ancient race which built a great castle in the sky, Laputa, in order to escape war and violence which ruled the Earth below them. It was a harmonious and peaceful fairyland which was built with high technology. However, they were all wiped out by a plague, and the few that remained returned to the ground, leaving Laputa alone and desolate.

Sheeta was the last Princess of Laputa. She was only thirteen years old and was a very kind, caring, and sweet girl. She grew up in the remote area of the mountains where her family raised livestocks. Her parents died when she was still very young. She was brought up by her Grandma.  Even though she was the Princess, she did not know anything about the mysterious castle in the sky until she was told by Pazu. She was the successor to the Levistone, which possessed unusual powers, and also to the throne.



Pazu was also a very young boy with the age of thirteen. He was an orphan living in the mining town Slagg's Ravine, working as a trainee of Mr. Daffi, a machine operator of the mines. He lived in a small cottage overlooking the valley alone. He played the trumet and he liked pigeons very much. He goaled to fly into the sky and searched for Laputa. His father was a pilot who found Laputa long time ago. Yet, nobody did believe him and think he was crazy. His father died in sadness in the end. That leaded to the motivation and incentive of Pazu to find the castle and prove his father wasn't lying.



Mooska, like Sheeta, was a descendent of the Laputians who once lived in Laputa. He joined the government as a special secret agent sent to look for Laputa and its treasures. But his real goal was not for the treasures. He knew having control of Laputa would mean having control over the world, because Laputa possessed the advanced technology to destroy everything on the Earth. With the army as his support, he and the pirates fought for Sheeta's Levistone, which was the only way to find out the location of Laputa. To fulfill his ambition for Laputa, he relied heavily on a notebook containing ancient writings about Laputa which was passed on to him by his ancestors. Mooska was ruthless and did not care about anyone. As soon as he found what he was searching, he killed his comrades because they were no longer needed. As an experiment to prove the power of Laputa, he killed thousands of soldiers and destroyed a part of Earth with a weapon that had the power of a nuclear device.



Dola was the leader of The Dola Gang. She was a woman who was hard for the speech and the behavior, but quite soft at heart. In the beginning of the film, she was one of the bad guys. She tried to get Sheeta's Levistone that caused Sheeta to fall from the airship and meet Pazu. Yet, she wasn't that bad really, just a person who was temporarily blinded by the treasures of Laputa. Later, she even allied with Pazu after Muska kidnapped Sheeta and rescued her together.


The Pirate Gang

The Pirate Gang included Dola's sons and other six members. Her three sons (Shalulu, Lui, and Anli), all of them were pirates. They all never outgrew their adolescence while their mother was a strong-will person. The other six members of the gang were: Ka, Ki, Ku, Ke, Ko and machine operator Motro.

The Gang flied in a rusty airship called the TigerMoth, which was built by Dola's late husband. Its shape was like a bird. It was a propeller-driven helium-filled airship made mostly of cloth. With 42m in length, 20m in height and the wingspan nearly 54m, she could fly up to 133km/h. She could also fly as far as 3820km with cruise speed at 65km/h.


Sheeta's Grandmother

Sheeta's Grandmother was a descendent of the royal Laputians, and knew many spells. She was the one who taught Sheeta the spell to awaken the robots, and the destruction spell to destroy Laputa.


Pazu's Father

Pazu's father was a pilot, who discovered and photographed Laputa accidentally. Unfortunately, no one believed his discovery, and he died in sadness.


Uncle Pom

Uncle Pom was an old miner who knew a great deal about rocks. He helped Sheeta and Pazu when they were trapped in the mine tunnels, and he showed them that residue of Levistone even exsisted on the Earth.


Mr Duffi

Mr Duffi, Pazu's mentor, boss, and un-official guardian. He worked in the mines, and was a respectable member of the community. He helped distract the pirates in town to allow Pazu and Sheeta escape from them.



Okami, the wife of Mr. Duffi. She was a kind woman, who cared a great deal about Pazu. She kept Pazu from getting himself into trouble, and tried to do the same with her husband. She also helped Pazu and Sheeta escape from the chase of Mooska and The Private Gang.


General Muoro

General Muoro, assigned by the government to search for Laputa, but worked in a different division than Mooska. He did not have a good temper and did not realize he was used by Mooska. He died when Mooska used Laputa's technology to kill all the military officers.



Robots built by the Laputians. They could be activated by the Levistone and obeyed only the initial holder of the stone. The two lights in between its eyes were used for telepathic communication with human beings. Each robot was armed with a powerful laser-like weapon and was equipped for flying. Its height was 3.44m and weight over 238kg. Yet, no much other information was known.


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